Help with a Mental Health Emergency…

…Including Information to Be Prepared

Call 1-877-382-1609 and enter your zip code to reach your local Emergency Services Provider (ESP) as a possible alternative to a hospital emergency department.  Use the zip code for the address in crisis. Health insurance information must be provided.  Emergency Service Providers for NAMI Central Middlesex communities

If there is an imminent danger to you or someone else, please call 911 and tell the responder it’s a mental health crisis.  Request experienced, qualified personnel whenever possible.

Click here to view our crisis guide.

We recommend the crisis resources at the NAMI Massachusetts web site for well researched information about what to do, how to plan and a variety of hot line services to help you handle a crisis. The links below take you directly to advice on specific topics:

NAMI of Central Middlesex Warmline:

Speak with someone who understands and can provide guidance at 781 982-3318.  A trained affiliate member volunteer will return calls within 24 hours to:

  • Find out about our affiliate’s current activities
  • Get information about resources
  • Locate support groups in the area
  • Talk with someone who “has been there”

NAMI of Central Middlesex volunteers do not provide or broker professional care.