January 2018: New Family Program at McLean Hospital

FAMILY CONNECTIONS MANAGING SUICIDALITY AND TRAUMA RECOVERY (FC-MSTR) is a program for parents whose teenage or young-adult child has made a suicide attempt or had one or more traumatic self-injuries. The program aims to provide parents with education, skills and support to effectively manage the stress and other difficulties that arise when their child has attempted suicide or self-harmed.

FC-MSTR is currently being offered as part of a research study. As a research participant you will be asked to: Complete a series of online surveys over a 4 month period. Attend the FC-MSTR program on January, 25-27, 2019 (Belmont, MA) Refer your son/daughter (ages 14-35) who experienced the suicidal crisis for research participation. He or she will be invited to complete a series of questionnaires, if they choose to participate in the study.

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