Creating a Behavioral Health Ambulatory Treatment System

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To submit comments and feedback to the Executive Office of Health & Human Services (EOHHS), send your email response to

Below are the questions provided by EOHHS as prompts for our comments, whether at one of the past summer’s Listening Sessions or via your email response (see above). Please consider taking this opportunity to weigh in on your experience and give your suggestions.

Patient and Family Experience

If you, or a family member, were looking for behavioral health treatment, where would you start?

Where would you go if your need was urgent?

What more should the health care system do to address your (or your family member’s) behavioral health treatment needs?

What works well right now (for example, types of treatment, specific providers or health plans)?

Do you receive behavioral health treatment through Primary Care? Why not?

What is the best experience you have had with the treatment system, and what has been the most disappointing?

Do you have innovative or new ideas to improve the patient and family experience?

Behavioral Health Outpatient Specialty

What are the biggest challenges that you face in trying to access outpatient behavioral health care?

What are the biggest barriers or challenges that providers face in meeting their patients’ needs?

Where are the biggest bottlenecks in treatment today?

What types of outpatient behavioral health treatment settings have the longest wait times for treatment access? How are treatment needs met during wait periods?

What aspects of the current outpatient system are working well and should remain intact?


What would you do if you, or a family member, were experiencing a behavioral health crisis?

What is the most significant challenge individuals and families encounter when they are in a behavioral health crisis?

What interventions might be available to people in crisis that are not available today?

What specific changes would you like to see happen that would improve care in the Commonwealth?

Are there strengths within the current crisis care sytem that should be built upon?